In-Product notifications for scheduled maintenance windows


We’re enhancing our collaboration capabilities to more directly share information about planned events, such as scheduled maintenance windows or releases. We’re excited to announce that in-product notifications for all Anaplan planned downtime releases is targeted to launch in March 2022.


Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 09.16.04.png




Details about in-product notification for planned downtime releases

Today, we use a variety of tools to communicate planned events, such as emails, Status Page notifications, Community calendars, and Community blogs, which are publicly accessible. With in-product notifications, we’ll be able to more proactively and directly alert our users about planned events with a single source of truth. This gives our users a simple way to gain greater visibility into upcoming planned downtimes, so they can plan accordingly and maximize the value of their time spent working in Anaplan.


What does this mean?

Anyone logging into the Anaplan platform will now see a small notification icon in the bell on the top right of their screen. All users will receive this notification seven days in advance of any planned downtime maintenance window.


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