Updated Anaplan Java Client source code is now accessible via GitHub


As a true connected planning platform committed to integrating disparate sources of data from various tools, we’re excited to announce that the source code for Anaplan JAVA client has been updated on Anaplan's public GitHub repo! (https://github.com/anaplaninc/anaplan-java-client). This code is derived from Anaplan Connect 3.0.0.This is an important step forward as we encourage developers and partners to work more closely with Anaplan APIs. The above GitHub project provides a ready repository of JAVA code that works with Anaplan Bulk data integration APIs, as well as an ever increasing collection of Anaplan Transactional APIs. It is our hope to continue to empower developers to start creating custom and innovative solutions leveraging Anaplan APIs.We will continue to enrich Anaplan JAVA Client with support for more APIs and error-handling mechanisms, and developers can refer to our GitHub library for more information on developing Java applications. Check out these links for more information:

  1. Anaplan JAVA client: https://github.com/anaplaninc/anaplan-java-client
  2. Anaplan Connect 3.0.0 user guide: https://anaplanenablement.s3.amazonaws.com/Community/Anapedia/Anaplan_Connect_User_Guide_v3.0.0.pdf