Did You Know? FORMs in UX do not require you to create Numbered lists. It works well with both General as well as Numbered lists.

FORMS are used to let end users add the list items (only on Production Lists in Deployed Mode) and its associated properties directly from the UX. As an analogy FORMS is equivalent to CREATE function in Classic UX. If you are well versed with Classic UX you would know that CREATE function needs underlying list to be a Numbered list, meaning that you would be able to use CREATE function only on Numbered lists. On the other hand, FORMS can be used on both (General as well as Numbered lists). If you are using it on General Lists then NAME input field is mandatory but if you are using on Numbered list then NAME and/or CODE is not mandatory to create any list item from the UX. However, it goes without saying that having CODE for a numbered lists is highly recommended.

Did You Know? In FORMS you can have validation rules and restrict end users for NAME or CODE Input. For example, you can restrict end users to type any Lower cases, Upper cases, Numbers, special characters, white spaces, allowing you to keep the List NAME and/or CODE clean. You can also let end users know that the field is mandatory.




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  • Thanks for the learning Misbah, will try to use this functionality in real time soon.

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