WEEK 2 : Scrolling Sync



DID YOU KNOW? That you can sync scrolling on your grid cards of UX.

If there are multiple grids published on the UX, it used to be annoying for end users to scroll grids multiple times to the see the relevant and meaningful data. Anaplan has listened and released this feature which allows page builders to sync scrolling multiple grids.

Here are few points to remember


  1. You can create a maximum of 4 Groups on any Page
  2. You can pick from three different scrolling directions (Horizontal, Vertical, Both Horizontal and Vertical)
  3. It doesn’t look at the dimensionality of the module when scrolling - meaning you could scroll from top to bottom when there are two different dimensions on Rows.
  4. If the Grid is already part of a group, it cannot be added to another group. Although Scroll Sync option is available to All Cards it works only on Grid Cards.