WEEK 3: Auto Refresh vs Manual Refresh



DID YOU KNOW? That Pages/Dashboards can be refreshed automatically when you make any change in the filter dropdown on any Page/Dashboard.


Let’s say there is a module which needs to be filtered by “Managers”. Immediately we think of List dropdown on Pages/Dashboards and then apply the filter with a logic in the backend. If we only did this then there will be a need for you to refresh the Dashboard/Page every-time you make a change in the filter dropdown.  So, what needs to be done so that Dashboards/Pages get auto refreshed when an end user makes a change in the dropdown. And the answer is “USERS” Dimension.


We need to make sure that the filter modules and the driver module are dimensioned by USERS. As soon as we include USERS dimension in the set-up, Pages/Dashboards get auto refreshed whenever you make a change in the filter.