PlanIQ Algorithm Calculation


Hi All,


I have created some scenarios for PlanIQ & everything is working well. Output file is getting generated as per different algorithm etc.


Just wanted to know, what kind of calculation is being performed for these algorithm - I mean what is the calculation matrix for Anaplan AutoML vs Amazon AutoML. Is there a way to find it out?

For the same dataset, I'm having different forecast which is expected because I have used different algorithm but how the calculation is happening basis on quantile etc. & how to identify the best forecast 


One more thing, I have 2 past & 2 future years, however the time interval is only reflecting for 8 months (MAX). Is there a way to increase that?







  • EvgyK


    Neural network based algorithms, and that includes both AutoML variants, are only allowing max horizon that is 1/3 of your historical timeline. So in case of 24 months, that would be 8 months.


    In terms of difference in the results, both Anaplan AutoML and Amazon AutoML are using different internal logic when training the underlying algorithms, this may explain the differences in the results. Anaplan AutoML is training multiple algorithms (more than 10), some of them have training settings that are picked up by PlanIQ based on the dataset characteristics.

    Amazon AutoML may have different approach. We do know that they are running only the existing 6 Amazon algorithms.

    Hope this helps.

  • @EvgyK Thanks for the clarification.


    Is there any way to check these algorithms? Just trying to understand how output is being generated based on different calculations.


    Thanks again.

  • EvgyK

    What do you mean by "check these algorithms"?

  • @EvgyK I mean calculation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think every algorithm has a specific set of rules & calculations.


    For example -

    Historical Data # Monthly > 100 (2020), 150 (2021)

    Forecasted Data # P1 > 136, P2 > 150 P3 >163 


    I know about the quantile ratio for P1, P2, P3 but not able to figure out the calculation.