DYK - Week 12


Did You Know? Page Builders can change the Format of each item of the dimensions and Line items of the module including changing the scale of the list items. As a Page builder, here is the list of things that you could do exclusively on Report Pages

  1. Change the Background, Font Color, Number format, Number Scale, Decimal Places, Decimal Point and Thousand Separator for each item of the dimension or for all items of the dimension.
    1. You could change the Number Format from “Default” to None, Percentage, Currency and add Prefix and Suffix to each item of the dimension or the line items.
    2. Change the Number Scale from “Default” to None, Thousands and Millions
    3. Change the Decimal Places from “Default” to anything ranging from 0 to 15
    4. Change the Decimal Point from “Dot” to Comma
    5. Change the Thousand Separator from “Default” to None, Dot, Comma and Space

Note: These features are already available within the model but if applied in the backend these cut across all the intersections of dimensions including time and not at the dimension level which UX is offering. That means you could have different color, different number scale etc. for each item of the dimension and separate treatment for Time that too without applying these changes in the underlying model.

  1. Lock the Card making it easier for page builders to move other cards.
  2. Copy Paste the cards on the same page or on the other report page/slide.
  3. Command+Arrow for Mac and Ctrl+Arrow for Windows - to make the cards bigger or smaller

Video Here

Did You Know? Week 12: Report Page Latest Features