DYK - Week 13


Did You Know? That Functional Areas are directly linked to the Model Map as far as the coloring or the grouping of the modules in the Model map is concerned. Most of us know that we use DISCO as a principle for segregating the modules or grouping them together for Logical (L) element of PLANS which surely helps in creating the model map with modules grouped together as per DISCO but there are quite a few who know that Functional Areas help Anaplan create Model Map with appropriate color formatting. Here are few points that we all should be knowing.



  1. Every Functional Area takes a unique color in the Model Map which helps the Solution Architect to analyze if the model has been built as per the best practice.
  2. In Model Map, you can minimize or collapse modules within functional areas, to focus on the modules that you would want to. You can do it one by one or you can collapse them all in one go.
  3. You can drill down on the module by pressing magnifying (+sign) glass on top left to see the dimensionality of the module, line item and the size of the module in cells (in million denomination)
  4. You can open the module by double clicking on any box in the model map.
  5. You can also search the modules with the help of magnifying glass on top right corner.
  6. Show Selection on Model map helps you analyze the connections and data flow of a module.
  7. And finally, when applying DICSO, you always have to go from Left to Right (from Data to Output). Or in other words when looking at the model map, you should not have any arrow pointing from CALC or OUTP module to SYS, INP or DAT modules

Did You Know? Week 13: Model Map