Intro to Polaris training, & 2023 Recertification (Model Builder/ Solution Arch / Master Anaplanner)


Hello Nordics Anaplan Group,

Anaplan Academy offers this new high-level introduction on Anaplan Polaris.   For those of you who are 2022 Certified Model Builders, Solution Architects or Matser Anaplanners, please take this course to extend your certification through 2023.  


I thought the course was very well constructed: concise, thorough, good visuals and well-constructed.   It does a good job providing a high-level understanding what Polaris is, showing how the  Polaris and Anaplan Classic engines are complementary (comparison of their different strengths), explaining how memory use differs in Polaris and Classic, providing guidance to determine the natural sparsity of your planning needs, and  indicating resources available to learn more about Polaris.  It takes less than 30 minutes.


To keep current on your Certification requirements, please see this Community Page here