DYK - WEEK 16 (Security Access in UX)

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Did You Know? That UX pages have its own additional security measures on top of model security. You all know that there are three different layers of security in Anaplan Model i.e., Role, Selective Access and Dynamic Cell Access (DCA).

Role – This is at module level and you can set Read, Write or None Access against the Role and assign the Role back to the users.

Selective Access – This is at the List item level. Again, you can set Read, Write or None Access to the list against the users

DCA – DCA is set at the line-item level. Here also you can set any one of the three options and you can set this up with users or without users.

On top of these security measures, UX has its own security measure which allows page builders to assign, remove or overwrite access of roles to the pages. Note: Although this security measure is at page level it works on the basis of Model Roles.

Did You Know? Week 16 - YouTube