Live Webinar:Enabling Finance Transformation with Anaplan at AES and Dominion Energy

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Join our Live Webinar:

Enabling Finance Transformation with Anaplan at AES and Dominion Energy - Spaulding Ridge

Hear from Travis Nels, VP of Global FP&A at AES, and Bruce Ensley, Project Director at Dominion Energy, as they discuss their finance transformation journeys within the energy and utilities space and how they worked with Spaulding Ridge to leverage Anaplan to modernize their financial planning processes.

When: Thursday, February 9, 11 AM – 11:45 AM CT

Where: Zoom Webinar


  • Looking forward to hearing from both Bruce and Travis! They have lots of wisdom to impart from their Anaplan journeys. Highly encourage all the utilities community members to sign up and join.

  • @GrantH I don't want to outright speak for Bruce, but I have a feeling that he'd agree that "wisdom" is a strong word when you're referring to either of us!

    That said, I hope our conversation can serve as food for thought as folks move through their efforts to modernize and upgrade their planning processes and tools.

  • This will be a wonderful discussion! These two have a lot to share regarding their FP&A transformation journey with Spaulding Ridge using Anaplan.