The Power of FP&A Within the Cloud


Over the past few years, utilities companies have seen an unprecedented shift in global behaviour. Whether it’s the plunge in power demand, increased costs for materials such as PPE, greater need for digital transformation funding, unpredictable labor costs, or the shift in demand for water from commercial buildings to residential homes, making strong financial plans and adjusting them on the fly has become increasingly difficult.

Utilities with the ability to quickly and accurately analyze their financial data and make changes in real-time can remain successful through making targeted investments, controlling costs, and proactively staying in line with regulations.

But to do this, utilities require reliable software that accommodates complex operational business processes and rapidly shifting plans, while providing key stakeholders and regulators with the data they need to improve planning and remain compliant.

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  • Interested in the community's input on where the biggest WINS were experienced at your company when undergoing a transition to modern planning / forecasting tools. Was it in delivering the same decisions faster, more complex analysis, extending the window for strategic planning...something else??