Deloitte: 2023 energy, resources, and industrials industry outlooks


A Sneak Peek of Deloitte's Industry Outlook:

The dislocation of 2022 has fostered innovation for 2023

2022 was marked by vicissitudes that have altered expectations and redefined familiar metrics. The question facing companies as we look ahead to 2023 is how to continue, for yet another year, to plan for the unplanned. Across the energy and industrial sector, we see constraints which are now familiar:

  • Supply chain delays continue to impede the timely receipt of key components affecting renewable energy projects, construction projects and manufacturing products.
  • Volatile energy and commodity prices are expected to affect oil and gas operations, chemical feedstock costs, construction projects and manufacturing inputs in 2023 just as in 2022. The high energy prices of the past 18 months have cast a new light on the balance to be struck among energy security, energy access and energy sustainability.
  • Attracting and retaining skilled employees has become more challenging as some jobs remain unfilled and high turnover rates persist
  • Economic uncertainty currently looms large as different regions chart their own course to addressing disruption and rebuilding energy and other trading relationships.

Take a look at Deloitte's industry outlook collection, covering oil, gas, and chemicals; power, utilities, and renewables; and industrial products and construction, highlights the inflection points in the months ahead which could be critical to company planning.