Varying level between backtest and results



After importing backtest results I'm noticing that the level of the backtest does not agree with the level of the forecast results (screenshots below) and this is across all foreecast nodes.

Thankfully, the level of the forecast results seems to align with the level of historical actuals. Unfortunately, the usefulness of running analysis on backtest data is limited.

Lastly, the backtest functionality seems to be faulty. I receive the notification that results were not imported into my model and to re-try. From the screenshots above, backtest results are being imported. NOTE: the name of the backtest matches identically with the name of the forecast action.

Any help on both of these issues (level mismatch, import error) would be greatly appreciated.



  • EvgyK

    Hi Matt,

    If you can, please open a ticket with support and also provide the information from the "send email to support" section - we would be able to look at the underlying data from there. Thanks!