July 2023 Feature Release


Hello Nordics Anaplanners, particularly model builders. Hope you are all enjoying July. Just thought some of you might appreciate recent enhancements in the platform since Saturday’s (July 15) release.

  📣 📣 July 2023 Feature Release 📣 📣  

Change to default summary method for Number-format line items
The default summary method for new number-format line items is None. Previously the default was SUM. This update will not impact any existing line items, only newly created items.
This change will bring the Classic Engine in line with Polaris and also allow us to align with the recommendation we have made in the https://community.anaplan.com/kb/articles/80774-2-03-01-turn-summary-options-off-by-default.
Ref: https://help.anaplan.com/summary-methods-32821c05-3e6c-4b36-b04e-2fb840418936

Restore a previously deleted Model
administrators can now recover a model that has been deleted for 14 days after deletion. The model is restored to an archived state.
Ref: https://help.anaplan.com/restore-a-deleted-model-f2323188-177a-47c8-bafd-ea88b6c4be89

Order list action thresholds increased from 1 million to 50 million
The order list action previously had an upper limit of 1 million items. Users will now be able to order lists with up to 50 million items.
Ref: https://help.anaplan.com/order-list-action-22a2640b-8e60-4732-9d7b-10660c463023

Automation of list index API calls
We’ve added new API endpoints to retrieve the metadata for actions. This makes it easier for customers to build applications and scripts that combine different transactional API calls.

Restore model to history serial number and unlink versions (Available July 19)
If you use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and you restore a model to another point in its history, you can now unlink any revisions between the two model IDs. This means workspace administrators can restore compatibility between development and production models when previous changes to production have made them incompatible.
Ref: https://help.anaplan.com/manage-models-c8d4c252-d269-4efe-bfd3-aad19cc3fa6e
Scenarios where this will be useful…
Issue post sync:
After completing a sync, you find that it has introduced an issue in the prod model. Now you can restore and unlink to before the sync, and then fix the issue in DEV before syncing again.

Lost compatibility:
Whilst troubleshooting, you took the model out of deployed mode and didn’t realise you had made the models incompatible. Someone then copied the model creating the ‘Copy model’ revision tag, previously compatibility would have been lost permanently. Now you can restore and unlink to before the ‘Copy model’ revision was created (and before the structure change was made).

Cleaning up DEV:
If a revision was created by mistake, or contains the wrong name/notes, you can restore DEV and unlink the revision to remove it.