PRODUCT UPDATE: Open & Edit UX Pages in the MX Released


What is changing?
UX pages can be opened and edited as a tab within the modeling experience. On the Pages tab, when you select a page it'll now open within the model as a tab like how modules and lists are opened.What are the benefits?
This new feature gives you everything you need in one interface to speed up solution building. Builders have a single place to model and build their UX pages. Builders can also rapidly test by using the split view to view a module and UX page side-by-side.Will I have to do anything?
No, you don't have to do anything. The functionality is optional and is available in the Pages interface by clicking the page’s name in the row. The ability to open and edit UX pages in the app itself still exists in the right-hand pane on the Pages tab in the MX.What should I be aware of?
Opening and editing a page in the modeling experience will be similar to what you do today in the UX, you should be aware:
·      You’ll need to be a Workspace Administrator (WSA)
·      You’ll need to be a page builder to edit the page
·      To edit, select the pencil icon in the upper right corner
·      In edit mode, split screen is disabled
This feature is the next step in creating a tighter link between the model experience and the user experience, look for more enhancements in the future.

Try it and let us know your feedback!