Higher Education Model Builder Forum: Feb 23rd, 11a-12:30p CT


We are once again holding a higher education model builder session!

Going forward we will hold these sessions quarterly. Each of these sessions will be led by either someone from Anaplan, or we will be rotating in different Anaplan Partners that focus on higher education. This session will be led by Sean McDonald from Spaulding Ridge.

If you would like to build along, the prerequisites are noted below.

When: Feb 23rd, 11a-12:30p CT

If you have not received an invitation to this event, please contact Robin Salk at robin.salk@anaplan.com

Here is the agenda for this session:

  • Build along:
    • Sum vs. lookup
    • Model readability and naming conventions
    • UX walkthrough
  • Model demos:
    • Tuition and Aid
    • Position Planning and Distributions
  • Ask the expert:
    • Lightning round open Q&A on how / why / best practices  

Prerequisites for build along are:

  • Level 1 completed model (either your own or the downloaded example model)
  • Workspace admin access (in your tenant) 
  • Page builder access (ability to create apps / pages)

If you don’t already have a completed Level 1 model, go to  and in section 1.4.1 is the downloadable model https://learning.anaplan.com/mod/scorm/view.php?id=18662