Higher Education Model Builder Forum: June 11th, 11:30a-1p CT


Get ready to build along! This session will be led by Mitch Aist from TruEd Consulting.

If you have not received an invitation to this event, please contact Robin Salk (robin.salk@anaplan.com )

Higher Education Model Builder Forum Agenda:

  • Build along (50 mins):
    • How to build strings and avoid sparsity
    • Custom time dimensions
    • Conditional formatting
  • Philosophy of Building: Finding a balance – needs of the user vs. needs of the model (20 mins)
  • Ask the expert (20 mins)
    • Lightning round open Q&A on how / why / best practices

Prerequisites for build along are:

  • Level 1 completed model (either your own or the downloaded example model)
  • Workspace admin access (in your tenant)
  • Page builder access (ability to create app pages)

If you don’t already have a completed Level 1 model, go to  and in section 1.4.1 is the downloadable modelAnaplan Community - Sign In