Issue with Change in ownership % in consolidation App



I have an issue in our consolidation app if there is a change in ownership percentage of a subsidiary.


Currently the model is looking to the YTD amount (per movement type) of e.g. the equity of the subsidiary and allocates each movement based on the ownership percentage an amount to minority.
So, if the percentage changes during the year then the new YTD values are calulated against the latest ownership percentage although the movement of the previous periods should be calculated against the 'old' percentage.

In the standard app, i see other coeficients to choose in the elimination rules like 'Minority opening rate', ownership opening rate', 'variation in ownership',  etc. 
However, also with these coeficients I am not able to setup generic rules that facilitates changes in ownership.

Is anyone having a solution or a direction how to solve above issue?

Thanks in advance for helping out,

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Jo Maassen


  • Hi Jo!

    Did you find already a solution for this problem?

    I'm generally solving such problems with certain back-up mechanisms and a module that contains 'global variables'. If I expect an allocation percentage or baseline to change regularly, I create a back-up process that loads the variable across the necessary modules and saves it as references for any formulas. 

    Unfortunately, this has limits to the amount of changes and does not work if a certain business logic (formula) changes.





  • Hi Philipp,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I contacted Anaplan for this issue. They proposed to change the current elimination logic from YTD to Periodic for some specific elimination rules.

    This should solve the issue for all scenario's in future.

    Best Regards,