We know introduction threads can get a little awkward, so here are a few questions to help you get started: 

  • How did you find the Anaplan community?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment? How can your fellow Community members assist you?
  • What goals do you have for your participation in this group?


  • Dan! It was so good to meet you and Justin at Hub, hope y'all are doing well. I would love to know more about how you are using Anaplan for marketing.

  • Hi Dan

    So glad you are participating in this group



  • Hi all,

    The University of St. Thomas has been using Anaplan for almost two years now.  We have a data hub and models for scenario planning/forecasting; undergraduate tuition modeling; detailed, bottom-up budget develop including detailed compensation budgeting, endowment and restricted fund planning, and detailed graduate tuition planning.  We are looking forward to expanding our use of Anaplan on campus.  Very glad to have more higher ed colleagues to consult with.  Finally, hello Dan and Justin!  True higher ed pioneers in Anaplan.

    Best regards,

    Nora Fitzpatrick

  • Hi everyone and thank you so much Jerome for pulling this group together! I'm Sarah Roberts with the City of Tallahassee in Florida. We are the capital city and coordinate 14 different operating funds including our public electric, water and gas utilities, an international airport, bus system, fire, police, golf courses, solid waste and more. We have an additional 14 internal funds including ISS, fleet, and financial systems. We purchased Anaplan in early 2017 to develop the operating budget and have now expanded to capital budget planning, monthly/quarterly monitoring and forecasting, fuel inventory reconciliations, accounting reconciliations, monthly tax payment remittances and documentation, and a data hub to name a few. Current new projects include project management, benefits comparison for union contract negotiations, audit preparation and analysis, operating project planning and real estate management to name a few. We have a Center of Excellence that meets weekly and includes myself, three other model builders, leadership and testing staff. My favorite thing about Anaplan is its limitless opportunity. We are working to expand the use of this product across our organization and continue to find opportunities to improve efficiencies and connectivity. It was my pleasure to meet many of you in San Francisco this past June and I look forward to further interacting with this group! Please reach out if you are working on any of the items I mentioned above, I would love to share resources! Being a public facing organization, an improved ability to share output to non-Anaplan users/the public would be very beneficial. Short of being able to actually publish select graphs and data directly to our website (because that would be AWESOME!), better control of dashboard formatting for PDF or image export would be useful. I do not believe the New UX has the option to export dashboards/pages at all. I currently print two dashboards to include with monthly tax payment remittances and I've had to think quite outside the box to make them printable and presentable. Did I cover everything?? LOL! OK I'm a total true-and-blue Anaplan nerd. I absolutely love this platform and the benefits it brings not only to my organization but to my entire community.
  • Also not sure why my paragraph breaks did not come through, sorry for the long run-on! 🙂
  • Thanks you @sarah! Loved your contributions on our user group call and your post ^^^.
  • Thank you @jerome_feltracc! We are happy to volunteer as a demonstrator at an upcoming quarterly meetup. Great session today and wonderful follow up to the CPX meeting!
  • Hello Everyone, 


    I have been with Anaplan for over three years now. It has been nothing but fantastic. I took an idea Jerome Feltraco had of providing free Anaplan access and training for universities & colleges for learning purposes and ran with it. I have grown the University Connect program to a global program.


    We have three talented individuals working on the University Connect team, Heather Matthews, myself and Grace Bergeron. It's crazy how quickly a program can grow from an idea to a global program. 


    Although I do not sell into the Universities I can connect with the deans and professors who would have an interest in exposing their students to free access and training.  Shoot me a message! I am happy to connect and share more noelle.murphy@anaplan.com


    My goal in this group is to help educate you on how you can get Anaplan taught at your prospective universities as well as build a future pipeline of skilled individuals to hire from.