ALM Testing & Validation


For those of you using ALM, how do you perform testing between models? We currently have Dev --> UAT --> Prod sync setup. For ideal testing, our Production and UAT environments would be identical, but this requires either export/import or significant user input. How does one get around this?


  • Here is one option that works, with the assumption that you are using the UAT model to specifically test new functionality rather than keeping it in an "always on" state.


    1. Archive the existing UAT model.

    2. Make a copy of the Prod model.

    3. Sync the revision(s) from Dev that you want to test to the UAT model. At this point, UAT will structrually match Dev, but have the same Production Data as Prod.

    4. Test the changes.

    5. Sync the validated revision from UAT to Prod.

    6. Repeat steps 1-5 as needed to test new functionality or update the Production Data.


    Hope this helps!