53rd week


Hi all, I'm trying to get the 53rd week of a model to match a client's calendar. I've tried a number of combinations in the time settings and looked at all the articles on Anapedia but I can't find a combination of settings that works. I need FY17-18 to start on the 25/09/2017 and end on the 23/09/2018, and FY18-19 to include a 53rd week and run from 24/09/2018 to 29/09/2019.


Can anyone help?






  • Hi @willridge,

    Did you try this method? I mean it is close enough, not sure how it will suit your exact needs. I tried different combinations too. Check if this works for you and let me know if it does. Meanwhile, I will try to dig around and see if there are other ways to do it.


    53 weeks.PNG

  • Hi Adithya, thanks for getting back to me - ideally I'd like to get it to be an exact match with the clients' calendar. I've tried a couple of other solutions that are close but they need the calendar to match exactly.



  • Hi @willridge

    Hope this helps and if it does please let me know about it. However, in this method, you have to add your future years by the number of weeks that you seek to use.

    General weeks.PNGGeneral weeks 2.PNG