The Anaplan Day and Model Load Times


This may sound like a strange question but when does Anaplan's "day" start. We are aware our models take time to load the first time in a day they are opened, but they also seem to go into a slow load pattern later in the day. We been told the first time of loading in a day will always take a bit of time so are wondering if the later slow load time is because Anaplan's day itself starts at a point in time in the US, or is it something to do with inactivity in the model. Does anyone know? 


  • Hi Scorina,


    It's nothing to do with a specific day (yours or Anaplans), when you first open an Anaplan model is it moved from disk to memory which take an amount of time based on the size of the model.  The model then stays in memory while in use and user will find it opens quickly when log.  If there is a period of more than half an hour when they are no users are in the model it is taken out of memory, if you then log in to the model it has to be loaded back into memory again which again takes some time. 


    I hope this helps