Hub is next week!


Hope everyone is looking forward to this as much as me. You can even come and listen to me talk about how we're using Anaplan at Thomas Cook. High noon in the Great Hall - promise to be insightful in the pre-lunch slot.



  • Scorina

    Indeed I am. And planning to come to your sessions too.

  • laurence

    We are very excited too! Its been over 18 months since we had a full HUB day in the UK and I believe this will be the best one yet. 


    In addition to your session Andrew there is also a room which for the whole afternoon will be dedicated to product roadmap and what is coming soon including some really exciting new UI and look and feel for the product as well as workflow and the new Excel Add-in.


    There are a couple of other sessions the David Smith from CS is running on DCA (Dynamic Cell Access) in action and also a session on design best practices.


    As existing customers you are proabbly going to have to put the Anaplan Way into action and prioritise!!!


    At the breaks please pop by the Guru zone and we can answer any technical quesitons that you need help with.



    Look forward to seeing everyone there.


  • Will be there for the workflow session as think that could help quite a lot with what we're doing.

    We were going to put together a quick model to determine who of us should go to what but decided to pull a number from a hat instead...

  • Hi @laurence,


    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere : any chances we could get hold of the slides used in the presentations ?


    Well done, @andrewtye : good presentation 🙂

  • Second this request - lots of good information through the day that I'd love to be able to push back to the guys here.

  • laurence

    Hi Guys,


    Let me find out and come back to you. Our marketing team are having a well deserved break so it may take a few days to get a hold of someone!


    Was there any partivular presentations that you were after?



  • Sounds like there's going to be a highlights section setup - was asked if my slides could go into it.

    Guess watch a space somewhere...

  • Hi Laurence,


    Here is my top 3 list :

    • Best practices – the fundamentals to developing world class models
    • Workflows
    • Innovation – Dynamic cell access

    Ideally it would be good to be able to download all, if it was an option.

    For the first one in particular I'm already pestering David Smith and Cianna 🙂 I think they are on it already...

    Going forward it would be good to update the app/community so that all presentations are available on demand.


    Thanks for looking into this!

  • laurence

    So I have spoken to marketing and they are in the process of seeking and receiving permission from each speaker.


    We will be sharing as many as possible on a highlights page, along with some video content, as soon as we are able. 


    I will post a thread here in the user group when this is ready.






  • Hi,


    I assume this is still WIP ?

    I noticed some updates here, for one of the Anaplan sessions :

    It would be very helpful to have a section, within the community where all members could reference/download presentations/recordings from the various HUB events. 

    Not sure what the process is in this case but a potential approach would be to have a separate section within the community where presenters upload their presentations (as a pre-req) which would be available for the wider audience straight after the event.




  • I have had an update from marketing that the info will be available this week so I’ll let you know as soon as it is available!

    Stay tuned.