Join Anaplan's User Research Program!


If you've attended Hub, you're aware of some of the amazing things Anaplan is working on.  Make your voice heard by signing up for our User Research Program - you can participate in usability testing, surveys or interviews and give us feedback on our new ideas and designs. We are currently recruiting for studies that are being conducted over the next few weeks, so you may be contacted very soon!

Whether you’re an Anaplan beginner, a super-user, or somewhere in between, we value your input and want to hear from you.

Sign up here:


Questions?  Contact the Anaplan UX Research team @Pam_Polizzi or @alicia_crowther


  • Hi there...I just signed up for Anaplan.

    I am so confused what this is all about.

    I used usertesting and I signed up for testing task but then received an email from Anaplan...

    So I am here now, what's next? I have no clue what this site is offering...Can anyone brief me on that? Thanks.

  • AaronW

    Hi @OzzSHENNie! Sorry to hear about the confusion. This site is the Anaplan Community; the goal here is to support, inspire, and connect Anaplan’s ecosystem of model builders and end users. Throughout the site, you'll find forums, best practice articles, and Groups like this one to help you in your use of Anaplan by connecting with experts and other users. 

    If you're interested in User Research specifically, I recommend checking out the User Research Group here in the Community. From there you can sign up to participate in the program, learn more about it, and connect with the program team and other participants.

    I hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out any time with questions. Thanks!