London based Anaplan modellers forum (with food, drinks and expertise included!)



  • Hi, Thanks for organising this. I would be available in-person the 23 and 24.

  • Hi Yugnesh,


    I would like to join for this and can do both dates.



  • Thanks Magali and Susan!

    From the responses so far it looks like 23rd January works best for everyone to attend in person. If you would like to participate and haven't done so please can you post your availability on the message board.


  • Whilst I'd like to attend at this stage I'm unsure of my availability so probably best not to include me.

  • Hi Yugnesh, 23rd is fine for me at Kings cross
  • Apologies,
    Next week won't work for me but I'd happily catch up with any recordings/outcomes.
    If I understand correctly you are looking at ideas to prepare an agenda, so these are some of the areas I'd be particularly interested in :
    - How could we make sure we get as much interested and expertise as possible? eg working options for WebEx + would it be possible and worth it having an Anaplan expert to join us?
    - Scenario Planning
    - Best practices and tricks on the use of LIs
    - Best practices and thinking behind Design
    - Dashboard best practices with current UX - Probably best to leave it
    - Dashboard best practices/ideas on new UX (mainly for beta testers?)

  • Hi, I've been keeping my head down, but it turns out I am available next Wednesday so please count me in.

  • Thanks everyone - currently there are 8 people who can attend the kick off session next Wednesday 23rd January @ the Kings Cross office (plus 3 interested / possibles) - all listed below.

    I have organised a call with Anaplan tonight to iron out the logistics for the evening and help ensure we have everything setup. Currently I have people’s usernames from the message board however to help organise access to the Anaplan office please can you let me know your first name, surname and which organisation you're coming from – you can email me ([email protected]) or post it on this message board. Also please let me know if you have any dietary requirements for the refreshments.

    • Me (Yugnesh Patel)
    • Magali_P
    • Susan
    • Dom Guinness
    • Usman.Zia
    • Joanne
    • Aleph
    • MJ Sutherland

    • Rich.Buttivant (TBC)
    • Scorina (TBC)
    • Anaplan78 (TBC)


  • So far I've had emails from Magali_P, Susan, Joanne and Anaplan78 - thanks guys!

    Please can the others who are planning on attending please let me know their firstname, surname and organisation - either by email ([email protected]) or via the message board.

    Also it would be helpful if each of you could start thinking about agenda items for Wednesday evening - I will post some ideas in the next couple of days as a starter for ten!


  • Morning All, we will be meeting on Wednesday at 6pm at the Anaplan Office which is on the 7th floor of the Kings Place building (it’s a 5-10min walk from Kings Cross station) – details below:

    Anaplan, 7th floor, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG,-0.121852,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x769e48a01e658ded?ved=2ahUKEwjQxq_pyv7fAhUConEKHZk8BJcQ_BIwCnoECAUQCA

  • Morning All, below are some of my ideas for agenda items for Wednesday evening:

    1) Communications – How do we want to keep in touch going forward? (e.g. Linkedin group, Anaplan message board)

    2) Group Name – Not very important but we could go with something like “Anaplan Modellers Forum” or any other suggestions?

    3) How often do we want to meet? (e.g. every 6 weeks?)

    4) What do each of us want to get out of the group?

    5) Agree on some basic principles – e.g. this is a group for modellers by modellers (and so do we want to involve Anaplan partners and if so how?)

    6) What resources do we want to utilise from Anaplan at these sessions and how? (e.g. tech specialists, product people)

    7) What are each of our experiences of using Anaplan – what have each of us been using it for (e.g. FP&A, workforce planning), how long, how many modellers in your organisation etc

    😎 What level of Anaplan training do each of us have and how are we upskilling?

    9) What would you like to use Anaplan for which you’re not currently able to – and what help do you need to do that?

    10) What problems with the Anaplan platform have we encountered?

    Also Joanne has suggested discussing how we deal with sparsity management and team structure (maintenance and on-going development). 

    Please can everyone else also think about what they would like to cover and either post the ideas on this message board or bring them to the session.


  • Hi Yugnesh,


    Can I participate by call? 





  • Hi Fayelle, we haven't organised a conference call number because everybody who expressed an interest earlier is able to make it in person. Saying that if you email me your mobile number I will try and dial you into the session assuming their is a telephone in the room.



  • Please can the following people let me know their Firstname, Surname and Organisation so I can arrange security passes with the Anaplan team for tomorrow evening:
    • Dom Guinness
    • Usman.Zia
    • Aleph
    • MJ Sutherland 

    You can email me ([email protected]) or post on this message board


  • Hi Yugnesh, 


    My name is - Usman Zia and I work for Lionpoint Group. 

    Looking forward to meeting everyone this evening. 


    Kind Regards,



  • Thanks Usman.

    The following people have now confirmed their names for this evening:

    - Magali_P

    - Susan

    - Usman.Zia

    - Joanne

    - Aleph

    - Me (Yugnesh Patel)

    And I’m just waiting for a response from:

    - Dom Guinness

    When you get to the Kings Place building please go to the ground floor reception and tell them that you are here to visit the Anaplan office on the 7th floor. They should then send you up where one of the Anaplan Customer Success Directors Gary Leftwich will be there to meet us. If you have any questions / issues please feel free to call me on 07774990994.


  • Sorry, I am Dom Guinness, I work at 3i.
  • Good Morning All,


    Was great meeting you all yesterday evening! 

    We have a great group and I hope we gain the traction to get things moving!

  • Thanks Usman - last night went very well and it was great to meet you all over some pizza and drinks! I think we have a passionate group of Anaplanners who can help move this concept forward.

    There are some actions for me to follow up on which I will get to in the next few days - including setting up a Linkedin group (at least until the Anaplan Community board can organise a private space).

    I will suggest the next session to happen in about 6-8 weeks time and then we can start fleshing out a stucture. 

    Hopefully that works for everyone - please post any feedback/suggestions including any other people who would like to get involved.



  • Hello, everyone! Glad to hear the event was a success last night!

    I'd like to invite everyone to join the brand new User Group space dedicated to the London Modelers Forum.

    Check it out (and join) here:

  • Hi everyone, as mentioned a decision was made at Wednesday evening’s kick-off session to set up an Anaplan Modelers Forum Linkedin group. This is so we can utilise the additional features to organise the forum meet up sessions, discuss specific topics, upload documents etc (beyond what is currently available on the Anaplan community page).

    You can access the group using the below link:

    If you haven’t already done so please follow the link and join the group – as with all these types of groups it will only be as successful as the level of user involvement, so please don’t be shy!

    Please let me know if you have any questions/issues.


  • Thanks

    @Noemí Andrés de las Cuevas

    Iain Briggs

    Joe Corlett

    I've added you all to the Linkedin group (

    Also I'm aiming to get the notes from last Wednesday's kick off session edited and posted on the group this week 🙂

  • Great Idea! I have informed my other customers about this forum and they seem to be really interested. Please let me know the time and date for the next one. I suppose you will have more model builders(from customers) next time.

  • Welcome Divya, apologies for the delay in replying.

    Yes the Anaplan Modelers Forum is primarily for customers and those using Anaplan for model building on a daily basis. We had the initial kick off session last week and are planning meet ups every 6-8 weeks going forward. In the mean time please tell your customers and those interested that they can join the below LinkedIn group:

    The plan is to use this group to arrange future meet ups, distribute notes, discuss issues and ideas etc.

    Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.


  • Thanks to all those who attended the meet up session in London on 23rd January! Everyone got really involved in the discussions and we made some key decisions about the group going forward. I've now uploaded the notes from that session to the Linkedin Group (along with the aims and rules/principles).

    If you haven't already down so please follow the link above and register for the group as this is how we will be arranging the next meet up session!



    Anaplan Session 1 Notes Final-page-001 (1).jpg

  • Hi Everyone! 


    Would be great to get some support for my idea if you think its good!





  • Good idea Usman - if you want we can discuss this at the next meet up session and then propose it back to Anaplan as a group. Does that work for you?

    Btw I will be sending out possible dates for the next London meet up session soon.

    Also if anyone has any questions about the summary notes from the first session I posted, please let me know.


  • Hi Yugnesh, 


    We have our Customer Experience team over form San Francisco on the week of the 18th March so that might be a good time to have the next meetup. Im sure they would love to come and meet everyone.



  • Thanks Yugnesh, 


    I just thought it would be good to post some of the idea's we're making in the community ideas section to get some visibility here as good ideas can become lost. I would encourage others to do the same so we can support! 


    Also a great idea Laurence! would be great to meet some more of your team! 





  • @usman.zia - Apologies I wasn't clear on how you wanted to take the idea forward - posting in the new ideas group sounds like a good idea!