User Group Discussion Q1 Use Case that has provided the most value and how you have measured this


Industry Group

Key points from table discussion

Aviation & Travel

Use Cases discussed:

 Revenue Management enabling ST Cash forecasting

Demand Forecasting / Management to drive workforce planning to see where demand is coming from and capacity requirements.

No metrics available on value.


FP&A use cases improved speed and accuracy of planning cycle and reduce effort.

Telecomms & Media

Small number of use cases so can’t identify the one with most benefit. Marketing, Call Centre Planning and Strategic and financial budgeting and forecasting. Known benefits are efficiency savings in centralising and standardising planning process however no metrics available on this.


A specific use case did not emerge as the most important as Anaplan is being used for a variety of use cases and all were judged as important.

Consumer Product Goods

S&OP and FP&A


Too many use cases to know which gives most value, value driven by

time/time frame



Adoption and replacement of Spreadsheets


Financial Services

Biggest value in general is the ability to consolidate plans in a single global plan. One customer managed to reduce their planning cycle by 7 days.


Budgeting and Forecasting use case. Several models for point solutions.

One cross-Business unit model for 5-year forecast (not yet complete with all the elements, but the aim is to include:

  • Claims Profitability
  • Recruiting Portfolio
  • Branch Planning (revenue planning and forecasting).

Value is in collecting data in one place, handling volume, greater granularity and complexity, with a better UX

  • Making the planning cycle more inclusive of all their various locations.
  • An ultimate goal is to bring actuarial data into Anaplan from Excel



Common view that the ability to scale (over Excel/Access etc.) combined with the ability to flexibly design the process and model was most compelling. However, this brought with it the challenge that flexibility can lead to complexity. 

Value in increased control of data.

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