Summary Method for Boolean doesn't work

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I noticed that summary settings for Boolean line item doesn't work if we use dynamic access in that module. Let me know if you have faced this; is this known issue? Thanks in advance


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    I have try the DCA on Boolean and I check that summary is working it will show you None, Formula, Any, All





  • Thanks for your reply. Actually what I meant was when you use DCA on a module, and that module has a Boolean line item, if you set a summary method for that line item, then it is not working. It allows you to set the summary, but you don't see any change in the module itself.


  • Please share the screen shot of the same, 

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    Recently had the same problem. You have to set-up the Summary of the DCA LIs, the ones that define the DCA.
    As they are boolean, their default summary is 'None'.


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