CPX @ San Francisco Highlights!

Hi All

Before Anaplan get in there and publish a lovely blog post or something you should head over to https://www.anaplan.com/connected-planning-xperience/ where you'll be able to see loads of content from the conference - all the keynotes and via a small login the breakouts too.

No doubt a lot of it will be covered in London later this year but worth watching to see all the new-ness!



  • Thanks Andrew,


    I was going to point out that there is also info about and a link to register for CPX London, but when you start the process it seems to take you to the page for San Francisco, so I might wait till we get a formal notification to register!

  • Thanks for sharing Andrew. How was the event? Did you have a good time?

  • Hi @laurence

    It was amazing. Really great meeting other users from all over the world and seeing how they're using the platform. Good to see that it's not just us over here that complains about it being too hot - was 30C plus for the first couple of days which for SF is almost unheard of!

    Am sure London CPX will show all the newness and six more months of development even better.