Next forum

Hi all, 

Hope everyone's had a good summer!


Just wondered when the next forum might be? 

I have been live on my Anaplan model for 5 months now and big issues that have come up are on filtering a catalogue(i.e items in a long list) and master files combining time dimensioned and non-time dimensioned data and wanted to put a couple of questions to all you seasoned experts! 


Hope to see you all soon! Sneha


  • Hi Sneha, 


    Im not sure when the next event is but @Paul  might have an idea.


    In the meantime I can get someone from the team to reach out if you want some immediate support? 




  • Hi Sneha,


    I am looking at the 11th September but will confirm in the coming days. I look forward to seeing you at the event.





  • Hi @Sneha 

    What were you thinking of asking? Might not be able to come along to the next forum but should be able to help out in someway...


  • Hi Everyone,


    Just a thought when is the next modellers forum planned for?


    @Paul @Yugnesh.Patel @MagaliP 


    Looking forward to it already! 


    Maybe we could do a presentation on the new UX? 





  • Hi @usman.zia,


    I'm happy to go with the majority on a date. I was initially thinking of Jan 29th? Also love the idea of a of a NUX presentation, providing that it is you guys presenting! ha. 


    We could all come with our "favourite" board with our own tips and tricks. 


    Would everyone like that? 


    @MagaliP @Yugnesh.Patel 



  • Happy to go with 29 January and the NewUX presentation if each one of us bring one of their boards 🙂

  • Hi @Paul and @MagaliP - the 29th Jan sounds like a good idea!



  • We need to find a presenter!


    @Yugnesh.Patel @MagaliP @usman.zia 

  • @Paul 


    I'd be happy to run this session depending on work availability....