New Registration Page!!


Hi Guys,


Going forward all events will be posted to the below link. This is also where you will sign up to the event and see the agenda, which I have now set out in a structured way:

1. Presentations

2. Meet & Greets

3. Attendee Agenda items

4. Problem solving


This should allow for greater clarity to all.






  • But surely not another login/password combination.

  • Hi Andrew! Temporarily, yes, but only until we sync it with your Community account through single sign-on; toward that end, we suggest using the same email/password combination as your Community account to better facilitate that when the time comes. Please excuse the inconvenience while we build that out. In the meantime, once you're in, registering for events will require filling out fewer forms than the previous User Group event registration process. Overall, we feel it will be a better experience. Please feel free to share your feedback with me or email Thanks!

  • Is this replacing the London user group, or the more informal modellers get together?
  • This isn't a replacement for either group; we are slowly rolling out a new events management platform for User Groups across the board. The link @Paul posted is the new events page for the Modelers Forum UK specifically. 

  • Actually, having found the London User Group new page I've worked that out for myself.
  • Hi All, apologies I've been off the radar recently - this is partly because I've started a new job...and partly because I forgot to update my Anaplan community email address when I left my last role so I was no longer receiving email notifications (whoops!) 🙂

    Anyway I hope you guys all had a great summer - thanks @Paul for suggesting the 11th Sep for the next meetup - I'm pretty flexible in terms of dates so will just go with the consensus.




  • Paul

    Congratulations on the new role!