January 2020 Registrations now open


Hi all,


the registration page for January 2020 is now open and can be found here.




We are also looking for presenters to kick off the session.






  • Hi @Paul ,

    Happy to present but probably not yet on the NUX.


  • Hi James,


    That would be fantastic if you would do the intro presentation of how RSA has used the platform. That starts at 5:30pm if you could make it. Also, I will need a picture of you. Can I take your LinkedIn pic? Or would you like to email me one?



  • Thanks Paul.  Date and time both good.  I will try to send you a newer photo, but the LinkedIn one is good for a fallback option.

  • @Paul and @james_lo 


    Will be great to see you both and hear about the RSA story!


    Please do let me know if you need any help with running a part of the evening.





  • @Paul @Yugnesh.Patel 


    If we need to discuss ideas for next year please do let me know.





  • Yeah I think it could be worthwhile having a little call in the new year including @MagaliP to discuss how we maximise, not only the session, but the forum itself. 


    2019 was a very positive year and the growth was incredible to see, so I'm very excited to see where we can take this going into 2020.


    In case I don't see you all. I hope you all have some well deserved time off and enjoy time with family and friends! 

  • Yes @Paul  a great idea!


    Week commencing 6th January? 


    I hope you all have a very merry christmas and a great new year if I don't see you in the meantime!