Publicly Facing Modules


If you have a second, please give a kudos to the following Anaplan improvement suggestion:


Since a large portion of Anaplan's customer base is in the corporate sector, it's less likely that transparent tools via Anaplan are high up on their priority list. We in the public sector, however, are under increasing pressures to be ever more transparent. A publicly facing module using Anaplan would be great for us to share information with our citizens and stakeholders.


  • Great idea to share the link here @Tricord850! I do hope that other members of the public sector and higher learning find benefit and lend a hand to move this idea along.

  • An option could be to use the Anaplan to Tableau connection and build a Tableau dashboard off an Anaplan module and publish to Tableau Public.



  • @jwakefield that is definitely something that could be done, but the cost of a public-facing Tableau license is not very affordable for your average local government or university, not an expense that is easy to justify. At least that is the case for use here at the City of Tallahassee. Great suggestion though!