Northwest Anaplanners LinkedIn Group


For all Anaplanners that live in the Seattle / Portland area, I created a LinkedIn Group for Anaplan job opportunities.  URL link and background below:


NW Anaplanners LinkedIn Group.png

Recently, one of my close colleagues, Aaron Wasinger, a Customer Success Business Partner from Anaplan, informed me that one of his other customers was looking for an experienced Anaplan resource. I realized that, despite having used Anaplan for more than 6 years, I didn’t really have any contacts to provide. When I worked in consulting, people developed expertise quickly and the turnover rate was very high. Back then, it would have been very easy for me to drop several names. Now that I work in industry, that context has definitely changed.


The background and purpose of this group is as follows:


1. Anaplan is now a well-established platform with growing demand, and several companies that require expertise

2. Being proficient in Anaplan should provide you some level of job security

3. Networking with other Anaplanners in the area will help you maximize your career potential as an experienced user of the platform


Please feel free to post any local job opportunities that require Anaplan experience.


This is basically the Anaplan Seattle User Group, except we can be more open about our Anaplan job opportunities, business needs, and career interests.





    This group could provide some real value to the Anaplan Community! Thank you Matthew for getting this set up!