Anaplan Foundation Model


As the Anaplan App Hub is currently undergoing a redesign and upgrade, this post will serve as the formal documentation source for the Anaplan Foundation Model.


Anaplan Foundation Model Download Process:

1. Click on the link below to begin the download

2. Select your Customer / Tenant


3. Select your Workspace 


4. Model will save with the following name: Anaplan Foundation Model v1.0


Documentation attached:

  • Anaplan Foundation Model v1.0
  • AFM - User Access Template v1.0


  • Thank you for this, @matthewkuo ! I really enjoyed the presentation on the 19th and am looking forward to incorporating some of these practices! Thank you so much for sharing what you've learned along the way. It is very appreciated.

  • @BrittanyBeick, this may be something super helpful for you and the team.

  • @khooton- I did enjoy the session and was thinking along the same lines