Our Next Virtual User Group


Hello DACH user group members,

I hope you are all well and healthy these days!


We will share very shortly the date for our next virtual user group.

Following your feedback from the past meetings, we are searching for volunteers to share your Anaplan story.

We will also reach out directly with some of you, but I thought I would share it here first. Please let me (or your Customer Success Business Partner) know if you would like to share your Anaplan story in a 15-20 minute slot.
Nothing too demanding, just high level context of the company and the use case, goals of the project, positive and negative experiences and any insights you would like to share.
It could be through slides and screenshots to easily blur data or could be a demo of the model if you are ok with it and you have time to anonymise it (or old test data you don't mind sharing).





P.S. An upcoming event you may be interested in: The Coca Cola Company - The McDonald’s Division (TMD) will be sharing its connected planning story in a webinar on May 19. You can register here.