Anaplan Retail UG: May 18 2020 Weekly Update



Weekly Update for 5/18/2020


  • Membership status reaches 71 members
  • Welcome notes to be distributed this week
  • One year plan to be developed this week
  • First retail Anaplan UG meeting to be planned this week
  • How to manage your subscriptions so you only get updated once/day in a digest <-- Very important (please read)
  • Upcoming Events


Membership Status

As of Monday May 18, 2020 we are officially at 71 members.

  • 6 Customers represented
  • 15 Partners represented
  • 10 Master Anaplanners




This week Bob Debicki and I will be getting the UG organized and fired up.

  • (Jared) | Send out Welcome Notes
  • (Bob | Jared) Plan out one year of events, activities, and content 
  • (Bob | Jared) Plan out first event



I'm adding this section to remind you how set your notifications because it is very likely you will be getting a lot of emails if you don't. By default, you will get notified every time a post is made or edited or commented upon. However, you can change that and I recommend that you do. 

Go to my settings | my subscriptions and notifications | notification settings and scroll down to this section. Don't forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page. I recommend you set your preferences as follows:


Don't forget to save  your changes!



Upcoming Events

You can find all the supply chain and retail events related to Anaplan at the link below:

Upcoming Events

  • Webinar | A Retailer's Outlook on Location Planning
  • Webinar | Retail Supply Chain Operations: Return of the Consumer
  • Webinar | Supply Shock: Building supply chain resilience