Next User group key training


Hey everyone! Wondering what is on everyone's mind when it comes to key trainng. If you could pick anything to focus on in person to get some more knowledge on anaplan, what would it be? 


  • Most of the reporting on Anaplan is done through dashboards, so more focus on that would be appreciated.


    Further would like to have formulas compared to excel and how they differ from excel, so users would be able to relate to same.


    Some Training on the integration with ERP system through ETL or API's, Salesforce and Tableau integration would be highly appreciated.



  • thanks! @bradley.sisson @bradley_beverly @brandon.roy @matthew_page will keep this in mind when we are planning our training user group in a month. stand by. 

  • Hi Natalie,


    We've done internal trainings at my firm, and I would be happy to re-administer them for a local event.  Topics have included snapshotting, account assignment, formula auditing, and monte carlo analysis.


    Please let me know how I can help.  I live in the Seattle area and would definitely like to engage the Anaplan community here.



  • @bradley_beverly food for thought!