UK User Group 2020 - Follow Up!


A really BIG thank you to all those who joined us for our first virtual User Group. 


We hope you found the session insightful and it has given you some ideas on how you can do more exciting things with Anaplan. We are really hoping that we can continue the conversation in the community so would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and questions. 


There will be a survey sent out and as I mentioned responses tend to be few and far between but we're keen to change this! Please do take a few minutes to let us know what you want from the Anaplan User Groups...would you like more of them, how often would you like them to run, was it too long, too short, would you like it to be customer led? Please let us know!


Finally, we will be sharing the recording for those who were unable to attend and we would like to share the links to the community pages referenced in the sessions so please keep your eyes peeled for updates!


See you next time!!!




  • MagaliP
    Thank you for joining the quiz, I hope you had fun and learnt about the add-ins! 😀
    @kcorr will be contacting the winners soon by email, and we will send the swag as soon as we can get it from our London office.
    If you are excited to see what we have in mind for the future version of the Excel add-in (4.0), join the feedback group and book a 30-minute session 👍

    Some useful links:
    We will keep adding new things regularly so we recommend you subscribe!
  • MagaliP

    The quiz is now available to all Anaplanners on Community. If you missed the user group, take 10 minutes to test your knowledge about the add-ins!

  • I think that where I am is when it's virtual short maybe at most half-day sessions work best with a mix of Anaplan / customer content probably 50/50. I don't know how possible it would be but having some sort of break-out session or table-top discussion would definitely add to the overall feel that it's a user group and not just an extended "webinar". I guess a lot is driven by the technology available and how many people are dialling in.

    And as for frequency I think that half-yearly is probably a good amount, gives then enough time for people to volunteer for doing content, and hopefully the next one will be in a physical location with no "social distancing"!

  • kcorr

    Hi @andrewtye 

    Thank you so much for your feedback, it is definitely in line with our thoughts for future events so that's good to know!

    We really like the idea of breakout rooms so will look into how this can be done for next time. Although I have to be honest I hope we can meet in person next time too!

    See you at the next User Group!


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