New UX feedback sessions

Thanks to Olga from the UX team for sharing behind the scenes info about the New UX in the Virtual User Group yesterday! 
As mentioned, we are currently recruiting for research sessions with New UX users.  We'd like to talk to anyone building or using the New UX, including page builders, contributors, middle managers and execs who are viewing or consuming data with light analysis.  
Sessions are 30 minutes and will take place remotely June-July.  Participants will receive Amazon vouchers as a thank you for their time, if it’s OK to receive them under their company policies. Unfortunately partners are not eligible to receive vouchers. 
If you have been using the New UX, please sign up for a session at the link here:
If for some reason the above link does not work for you - just copy and paste the link into your browser instead of clicking it. Or if there is no availability for you due to time differences, please let us know and we will try to work with you to find a time that will fit your schedule.