Q2 Virtual NY User Group Recap

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To all of the attendees, thank you so much for joining our inaugural virtual user group Wednesday!


As promised during the session:

  • Attached is the PPT slide that explains the appropriate process to provide feedback on the New UX
  • With regard to questions, we will be responding in this thread with answers, but please feel free to submit any additional questions you may have. Below is what we have recorded as follow up items from the session:

    • Is commenting supported on calculated cells?
    • How can a Tenant Administrator download user activity for analysis?

Going forward, we will use this message board to communicate with the group. We are very much looking forward to connecting again in Q3. Please share ideas for topics you'd like to discuss! As a reminder, you may also use this as a forum to discuss amongst your peers for all things Anaplan.


Thanks again to our featured presenters from Marsh, Credit Suisse & Ralph Lauren!


Best regards,

Jonathan & James


  • @jetkin 

    Thank you James, Steve, and Sophie for facilitating a terrific User Group meeting. NYC User Group rocks! So many attendees - really impressive.

    Extra thanks to Sophie. Your experience with webinars really showed - I guess the best case scenario is everyone takes the preparation for these webinars for granted. But, behind the scenes I know it's a lot of work. So, thank you!!