Leveraging Anaplan to Solve Business Challenges


Greetings my fellow IT enthusiasts! 


I'd love to understand what each of you are currently working on from a modeling perspective.  What problems are you trying to solve?  What challenges do you have?  Is there something on your Anaplan road map that you are really excited about?


Hoping this dialogue can help spark some creative inspiration for us all!  








  • To get us started, one of the current problems we are trying to tackle is providing better decision support to our leaders for workforce related decisions. Historically workforce strategy has been primarily owned by HR organization and the financials are viewed from the lens of annualized salary (despite the fact that our plan provides discrete quarterly targets). Given the current landscape there is a need for more finance engagement to ensure business leaders are getting a full view of the impact of hiring decisions. My team is currently working to understand the role of both HR and Finance and to then create a decision support tool to project quarterly impacts of workforce decisions against the established financial plan.

    Our challenges include: gaining collective agreement on the go forward approach (lots of disparate lines of business), creating "real time" data integration across systems, reconciling future action assumptions against a constantly evolving data set (position level funding within our HR system).