Schindler Elevator Customer Story


NY User Group Members, 


I want to share a recent webinar that was presented by a local NY customer, Schindler Elevator, and encourage you to take some time to tune in and check it out.



The elevator business is complex, and profitability requires informed financial decisions. Learn how you can lead your organization to better decision-making from Schindler’s finance leaders, Matthew Fabian and Mike Tambone. Matthew and Mike will share how they have clarity in today’s uncertain environment to elevate their processes, collaborate “between floors,” and open the door to improving revenue and profitability outcomes. Hear how Schindler transformed their budgeting process with Anaplan and improved both their speed and accuracy. In this webinar, the Schindler team will walk you through their journey and how they got started.


Incase you are pressed for time, some key highlights you may find particularly interesting are at the following times:


  • 11:27: Prior to Anaplan, Schindler endured long cycle times from Mar – Dec requiring a ton of admin to maintain plans.
  • 12:53: Schindler’s Field Teams used to travel around the country visiting all 65 districts for consensus planning.
  • 18:44: From “Messy Middle” (15:30) to harmonized data for concurrent planning across all districts, territories, and HQ.
  • 27:18: Configure almost any use case for FP&A. Anaplan is only limited by your imagination.
  • 34:50: Speed + Accuracy = Live Modeling. Remote planning meetings. In 5 days, Schindler planned for 24 local P&L models which used to take weeks.
  • 46:11: Re-forecasting the construction backlog of revenue pull throughs to the P&L for the largest projects due to shutdowns from COVID-19.

Enjoy and please reply back and share with the group your own experience with how you have leveraged Anaplan to make an impact on financial performance at your own firm!