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Slightly off on my timings on this occasion and slightly off with the agenda too! I am hoping to run a quicker session focussed on 1 point only. The new user experience. Now I know we have discussed this in the past and even gone through demos but now we are a year into it being live and free to everyone. So why is classic still being used? What's stopping people converting? What have you built that can't be converted? 


I'm going to bring in a special guest (TBD) to help with some of these questions too. Let's make this the night we all commit to converting!


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  • Hi Paul.  I'm going to be on holiday on the 5th so won't make it along.  We are using new UX whenever we are building new functionality for users that isn't linked to items they already access via classic.  If it is linked to items currently in classic (i.e. where they will be using the existing and new functionality at the same time) we are still building in classic as the end user experience of constantly switching between the two interfaces could be painful.  We have many classic dashboards and would rather spend time delivering new value creating products than spend time converting old items to pages.  We'll reassess if a converter is made available.

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  • Hi


    Wonder what the fall-out from this was? Wasn't able to attend but would be good to get a download.

    You probably covered all of the below points but just in case things that're preventing true migration are:

    • Copy brand functionality
    • Line item filtering or filtering on a nest where there are line items or we use saved views but they're not the most dynamic pieces
    • Mix and match of admin boards in classic vs UX

    That being said we do have a couple of models that are on UX and as we develop it's always UX first and only if it can't be done then we use classic and it's normally the 2nd point above but not insurmountable.


    Although I did see that from the product roadmap session that probably happened at the same time mentioned about the converter which would be a great tool to get 80% of the way there.