PART 1: Pac NW User Group Aug 20th presos, recap and shout outs!


Thanks to all who were able to attend yesterdays Pac NW user group!

We had over 40 people join representing 20 companies from around the region.  


Special thanks to Pam Polizzi Sr Mgr UX Research for speaking to us about the User Research Program as well as Christina Medeiros Director of Talent Acquisition for sharing about her terrific Anaplan Platform Bootcamp program (Anaplan trained early talent!).


Please feel free to reach out to them directly or me for more info on their programs (see attached ppt as well).









  • @Aaron.wasinger 

    Great meeting as usual. Thank you for sharing the presentation!

  • I'm so appreciative of the quality of these user groups, thank you so much for organizing this and for opening this group up to the Pac NW. The presentations inspired new best practices and also helped me understand that some of the challenges I experience are a part of business that others experience as well. It was equal parts reassuring and invigorating!