Notify Action has gone LIVE!


Updated demo video including recipient email and mobile deep linking!Facilitate smooth handoff of work

  • Configure static recipients for a notification
Engage users and draw them into platform
  • Set the destination page, drawing users directly into the right place
Notify users they need to take action 
  • Add a default message for the notification which informs  the user  of their action to take.
  • Customizable  by the  end user when  they  trigger the  notification
Open on mobile devices 
  • Open link on a mobile device with Anaplan installed and be directed straight to the page inside the mobile app
Login with SSO
  • Go directly to your page after logging with your SSO provider! 
  • Search only users in the model attached to the page when selecting static recipients
  • Max 20 static recipients
  • Notify Actions are connected to a page
  • Only Page Builders can configure a Notify Action
  • All end users who can see a page can trigger a Notify Action button
  • Notification is email only