Retail Anaplan Group - August 28th Virtual Coffee Wrap Up



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Retail Anaplan Group - August 28th Virtual Coffee Wrap Up

What a great 1 hour event! Well, yes, we had a few technical glitches, but we did it! We had our first Retail Anaplan Group meeting. Here's the summary:

  • 30 wonderful people signed up, 11 attended.
  • Of the 11, we had at least 2 of each group represented: retail customers, Anaplan partners, and Anaplan employees. We may be small but we are well represented!
  • Bob and I walked through a short presentation introducing the group and our mission which is centered around the pillars of learning and networking
  • We tried the virtual coffee tables and for the first 5 minutes it looked like things were working well. Everyone got to introduce themselves at their respective table. Once we tried to let people mingle, we had some technical issues which we provided the Anaplan leadership team.
  • Attached is the presentation. Retail_AG Kickoff V004.pptx
  • Recording is attached too, 6 minutes - worth the entertainment value!
  • Slide 7 has the CPX schedule for all the Anaplan Groups, including ours.

Thank you again to all that attended. You're among our very best friends in the Anaplan Community!