Anaplan's PlanIQ for Predictive Forecasting and Agile Scenario Planning

Anaplan Extends Intelligence Capabilities with PlanIQ for Predictive Forecasting and Agile Scenario Planning

 September 15, 2020

New integration with Amazon Forecast arms business users with easy to understand machine learning-driven insights and predictions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 — Anaplan, Inc. (NYSE: PLAN), provider of a cloud-native platform for orchestrating business performance, today announced PlanIQ, a new intelligence framework that delivers advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities for predictive forecasting and continuous, agile scenario modeling. Designed to make advanced analytics more accessible, Plan IQ produces insights that are explainable and predictions that can improve the accuracy of plans and drive confident decision-making. With PlanIQ, Anaplan customers have flexible access to multiple intelligence techniques such as native predictive capabilities and seamless integrations with third-party ML-based systems, including a new integration with Amazon Forecast – a fully managed service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that uses ML to deliver highly accurate forecasts. This new integration allows business users across finance, supply chain, HR and sales to deliver precise forecasts.

Anaplan PlanIQ builds on Anaplan’s powerful foundation of predictive algorithms, embedded intelligence, and analytics capabilities by placing AI, ML and advanced data science techniques in the hands of business analysts and operational leaders. Anaplan’s proprietary AI technology and native intelligence capabilities, including Predictive Insights, leverage both internal and third-party data to equip business leaders with the insights needed to uncover new opportunities and build strategic growth plans that optimize the business for long-term resilience.

“Today’s pace of change makes it impossible for business leaders and their teams to rely on historical data for building accurate plans that anticipate the future,” said Ana Pinczuk, Chief Development Officer, Anaplan. “With PlanIQ, Anaplan customers can operate their business using connected, forward-looking plans built on predictive forecasting and agile scenario modeling, turning the ability to move quickly into a competitive edge.”

Anaplan PlanIQ with Amazon Forecast
Anaplan PlanIQ with Amazon Forecast is a fully managed solution that combines Anaplan’s powerful calculation engine with AWS’s market-leading ML and deep learning algorithms to generate reliable, agile forecasts without requiring expertise from data scientists to configure, deploy and operate.

Based on the same ML technology used by, Amazon Forecast delivers more accurate predictions to Anaplan customers by pulling in data from Anaplan and automatically testing several deep learning algorithms before selecting the model optimized to generate the strongest forecast for a customer’s unique use case. By automating analysis, Amazon Forecast helps Anaplan customers drive greater inference from historical data, third-party data and forward-looking business metrics to uncover new insights fast, allowing business users to spend more time developing strategic plans based on highly accurate forecasts.

“The way businesses forecast continues to be disrupted, and accessible intelligent forecasting is essential for high performing teams to successfully drive growth and mitigate risk amid volatility,” said Ankur Mehrotra, General Manager, AI Verticals, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Anaplan PlanIQ with Amazon Forecast puts sophisticated ML algorithms based on the same technology used by into the hands of Anaplan customers to deliver precise forecasts for virtually any business condition.”