Where do you sit?


I've learned that Anaplan teams can sit in a variety of departments: some sit on Technology or Operations teams, some sit in Finance. There's a variety of roles that are filled by a small number of people wearing many hats, or sometimes a large number of people wearing fewer hats. I enjoy learning about the different team structures, as it is fodder for creating more deliberately planned responsibilities within the Anaplan team. 

  • So, where does YOUR Anaplan team sit?
  • What are the roles in your Anaplan team?
  • What's the size of your organization?

Looking forward to reading replies!



    • My Anaplan team currently sits in Data Operations (within Revenue Operations). This gives me exposure to changing data structures and data availability.
    • I'm an Anaplan team of 1, but ramping is in progress with another team member in Finance who can assist with building models.
    • Company size is 400-500 employees.
  • @nicole.johnson 

    • My Anaplan team is part of an Anaplan Partner arrangement, so we interact with all department and our specialty is the retail industry.
    • Anaplan team is made up of 8 people. 6 are certified modelers, 1 master anaplanner/solution architect, and 1 about to be certified. We had a legacy Solution Architect but he has opted to waive the new L3 for now.
    • Total company size is 150 people.
  • Hats galore over here!

    • My Anaplan team currently sits in Corporate Financial Planning. We oversee the financial projection processes across our entire company.
    • We are a small team, 1 dedicated model builder and myself as CoE lead. We get some support for our IT organization for any integration heavy lifting (APIs between our corporate systems) but we pretty much handle everything else. 
    • Company size is ~30,000 employees.