Ordered List Action

New functionality was released on 9/26 for ordering a list via an action. See links below for more information....


Community post: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Anaplan-Platform/Ordered-List-Action-and-How-to-Use-and-How-to-Order-a-List/m-p/85449#M18843


 Anapedia documentation: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Modeling/Build%20Models/Actions/Order-list.html?_ga=2.266543182.1361015654.1601386407-1976049174.1594306870


This new feature will significantly impact our models - for both admins and end users. Some of the lists within our organizational hierarchy are extremely long and previously it was a painful and time consuming process for our admins to manually reorder these lists when new items were added. Due to time and resource constraints, most times we weren't able to manually reorder these lists, which makes the end user experience less than ideal. Now we can add the 'order list' action to the update process and it will reorder the list for us after adding new items. Total game changer!!


Do you plan on using this new feature and if so, what impact will it have on your models? What are some use cases where this new feature will be helpful?